Corne van der Linden

Corne van der Linden, Dr. Stephen Sutton and friends with Kinabalu Birdwing butterflies. 2023

Troides andromache Kinabalu Highland - with captions

Kinabalu Birdwing attracted to Red shirt - without captions
The Evolutionary Mysteries of Sabah's Very Own Birdwing

From PhD student Corné van der Linden in the Netherlands. 1st half of talk academic, revelatory. 2nd half is nicely told story of field work at Long Pasia. Ends with eloquent appeal for conservation of Sabah’s insects & need for Kinabalu Birdwing as State Butterfly as icon for Sabah’s insect biodiversity. Kudos & thanks to Datuk Vincent Pung for invitation to Sabah Development Bank to give this lunch time talk to the entire bank staff.