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  • Hi Stephen
    I seem to have lost you email address.
    I need to get in touch with you regarding history of woodlice recording in UK. Just a small query.

  • Stephen I am writing an article for BMIG on 50 years of Isopod recording in Britain and Ireland. Can you confirm that the John Alban Metcalfe (Leeds Trinity Univ psychology) that died in 2015 is the same as the R.J.A.Metcalfe that set up the original scheme with you? If not, have you any idea what happened to ‘our’ John Metcalfe? Many thanks Paul

  • Hi Stephen. Did David Bodenham and Jenny do a talk for you today in Leeds? What a Coincidence if so; I am a good friend of C Chan your brother in law I think. We met in Grassingtom after your wedding. It would be great to catch up if you are here for a while.

    Jonathan Cocking MD at JCA.

  • Dear Dr Sutton,

    We met at your office around 4 years ago & I’m still very much active running expeditions. Last night I came across a large caterpillar that had a strange anomaly, which at first I thought was a common ground leech feeding,but then found it to be it’s tail!

    I remember that you said if I came across anything out of ordinary I should get in touch. I’d be happy to show you some photos.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards

    Shaun Davies

  • Drear Stephen,
    I hope that you, Rosalind, Evangaline and Gerry and grandchildren are all well.
    I have been trying to phone you on 00 6088 016 828 2489 and Rosalind on 00 6088 012 823 7184 but get an answer machine telling me these phones are switched off.
    Are these no longer in use? or have I made a mistake with the numbers?
    Please could you drop me an email line with the correct numbers and an indication of at which times of day it might be convenient to try them?
    Matthew and I were wondering hope feasible it might be to call into KK in the autumn on my way to or back from Australia to see you.
    Live has taken a very unexpected turn at this end and I would be grateful for any comments you might be able to make from your experience about optimal strategies for dealing with such situations
    All the very best to yourself and Rosalind

  • Hi Stephen,
    I’m just back in the UK after a 10-year stint expatting. The last time, please, enough! I recall your using the word ‘disconbobulated’; that’s how we feel. For some reason this morning I woke thinking of friends who are still ‘out there’, as such. I understand that you might have crossed paths with a SCUBA diving ‘buddy’ of mine, film producer [etc], a Brit by the name of Jason Isley. I first met him when sitting ‘1/2 rubbered-up’ on the deck of a converted oil rig off Semporna. Imagine by surprise when he told he knew you. In fact we visited your then shop in a mall on our route back home.

    p.s. I understand that cousin Caroline [Ash] and family are doing well. As I recall her husband Prof Simon Croft is now or soon due to retire. Last time I met up with them they were living in Cambridge with their 2-3 young children. He was working mostly for the UN in Geneva re: malaria and she was editing the New Scientist magazine.

  • Hi Stephen

    My new book on The Tropical Malaysian House will be published on December 1st.
    I would like to get it into the bookshop you introduced me to in KK.
    Who should the publisher contact to agree terms.

    Best regards


  • Sad News. Nick Chappell just informed me that Tony Greer had died at the age of 57 from kidney failure.
    I hadn’t seen him since we last met in KK.
    He did a terrific amount in the earlydays at Danum and has contributed a lot to S.E. Asia over the years.
    We shall miss him
    Maureen and I are due to b in KK 13-15 July 2019

  • Hello Mr Sutton,

    I’ve recently read your book on british woodlice and really enjoyed it. I would be very interested in reading your other papers on the subject. Is there a way I could get a hold of them? I’ve been told that it’s sometimes better to contact the author directly rather than order the journals online which are honestly, prohibitively pricey.

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Stephen, So nice to meet you in Sepilok this weekend! David and I had to meet Cynthia at the Sun Bear Centre and missed you by the time we got back to the B and B. We would like to stay in touch. Please email us when you get a chance.



  • Hi Stephen,

    I’m intrigued to find you on the internet after all these years and by all accounts still somewaht active in Zoology in retirement – you were my lecturer 1975-1978 at Leeds University. The reason I found this website is that my second daughter is now in her second (sophomore) year at a small university in St. Petersburg, FL, USA where she is getting very interested in biology and chemistry (as well as the flora and fauna of South Florida) – she’s always been interested in invertebrates and was very keen on woodlice when she was a young child in Surrey. She just sent me pictures of her friend’s woodlice colony and I thought of your book “Woodlice” that was one of our reading materials for the Zoology degree at Leeds. I found a used copy on Amazon (i think I’ve lost mine, if i ever bought it, which I can’t remember) and will send it to her. A bit about myself for your iinformation, after Leeds following i year as Arthur Chadwick’s research assistant i subsequently ended up changing my spots so to speak, taking MSc and PhD degrees in Pharmacology at Kings College, London University, followed by Postdoc in Miami at the Medical School, then back to UK and EU working for a couple of drug companies (ELi Lilly and Janssen/Johnson and Johnson) in drug discovery and development – now back in the USA, New York area still in the pharmaceutical industry but now in Medical Communications – however, I have to say the Zoology at Leeds started it all for me, for which I am very grateful. Sincerely and best regards, Chris Grantham

  • Dear Dr Sutton,

    Thanks for your letter. I only received it two weeks ago with your Christmas greetings and a detailed diary. The reason why it tool so long time to arrive to me is explained in my letter written for you. The problem is I have lost your email address. Please send it to me and we can contact to each other easily as you suggested.


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